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Calculation of Standard Metrics for Defense/Aerospace

Calculation of Standard Metrics for Defense/Aerospace

Since DSI is the original pioneer of the need for Testability as an integral component of the design development process for the US Department of Defense, and has mentored William Keiner, author of the first Testability Standard (MIL-STD 2165) prior to its acceptance in 1981, we have continued to lead industry in this purpose.

While complex board level designs have been benefiting from using eXpress Diagnostic Engineering tool over the years, the primary value area has been on the application of System Testability as a method to influence the complex or critical design for sustainment over the lifecycle of the product. As such, DSI has had to transcend the purpose of Designing for Testability beyond the simple generation of Fault Detection (FD) and Fault Isolation (FI) metrics, and into a full systems’ integration process that seeds the design and support disciplines with unparalleled and continued value.

Why stop at generating the (FD/FI) numbers when you can export the diagnostic data through a one-button push to a Diagnostically-savvy XML schema, or “DiagML”? Or, publish the operational run-time diagnostic “Test Sequencing” into DSI Workbench to open up a vast new data interchange capability with ATML or IEEE S1000-D? The value of reuse of any investment made during design development is certainly a tremendous value, but to reuse this investment over and over again, for many purposes or yet evolving purposes, is another tremendous leap in value.

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