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STAGE – Diagnostic Simulation

STAGE simulates aspects of Diagnostic, PHM and ISHM Engineering, showing the support capabilities of a System during its useful lifetime. Many types of analysis can be performed on STAGE, including Testability, System Reliability & Mission Success, Sustainability, and Logistics Resource Allocations.


  • Leverages, maps and interconnects investments into diagnostics, PHM, ISHM and systems engineering.
  • Provides a method to validate diagnostic and design data at a glance using vivid, presentation-ready graphs.
  • Facilitates trade studies through iterative analysis based on diagnostic design data imported via DiagML.
  • Provides turn-around-time assessments at any point in the operational timeline.
  • Supports cost benefit analysis between different mixes of RCM (diagnostics and planned maintenance) and CBM (prognostics) approaches to system health management.
  • Determines diagnostic contribution to False Alarms and MTBFA.
  • Provides accurate estimates of spares consumption based on the simulated maintenance action timeline.
  • Evaluates system safety and success based on failure criticality and corrective action capabilities.

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