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eXpress – Maintenance Engineering

eXpress – Maintenance Engineering

The eXpress Maintenance Module adds additional capabilities to eXpress to support the development of maintenance diagnostics and IETMs. With the eXpress Maintenance Module fault groups developed in eXpress diagnostics may be converted to Fault Templates which represent the suspected components, functions or failure modes of the fault groups. Once created the fault templates provided a means of managing diagnostic maintenance details.


Fault Templates

Fault templates are at the root of all of the features provided by the eXpress Maintenance Module. A fault template is an eXpress design element that represents the contents of a fault group that has been or can be isolated by the diagnostics. A fault template provides a way of assigning attribute values (e.g., fault codes or maintenance instructions) to isolated fault groups. Moreover, tests defined in terms of fault templates can be used to create secondary diagnostic procedures that extend the fault isolation achieved by primary diagnostics.

Because fault templates are saved as part of the eXpress design, and not in the diagnostic study, they can be reapplied each time that the diagnostics are calculated for that design.

Automatic Fault Code Generation

The maintenance module can be used to automatically assign fault codes to the fault templates using rules based upon the set of fault codes that have been defined as available and the structure of the design.

Secondary Diagnostics

Using fault template tests (i.e. tests defined from the fault templates), diagnostic knowledge of failures may be transferred from a primary diagnostic (e.g. diagnostics from automated test equipment or build-in-tests) and used as the set of starting conditions in a secondary diagnostic (e.g. manually performed troubleshooting diagnostics). This is accomplished by:

  • Generating fault templates using the primary diagnostics to define the fault templates.
  • Create tests based upon Fault Templates from the primary diagnostic.
  • Build secondary diagnostics using the tests created from the fault template as the starting conditions for the secondary diagnostics.
    IETM Development

In addition to setting up fault templates and assigning fault codes, the maintenance manual supports the development of the IETMs by supplying all the information necessary to begin writing the repair and troubleshooting details of the IETM in a fault template report. The fault template report provides details about:

  • The Fault Code assigned to the Fault Template.
  • The suspected items, functions or failure modes within the fault template.
  • Attribute values of the fault template suspects (e.g. part number, LCN, nomenclature).
  • The current status of the fault template (e.g. Newly Added, Obsolete, or Previously Existing).

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